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✅ Included: Dents without exceeding past 20 mm in diameter where the surface of the paint is unbroken and there is no removal of the paint or cracking or flaking.

❌ Excluded: Hail damage, dents of any size on bonnets, roofs, door sills/edges, wheel arches, and style lines.

❌ Excluded: Multiple dents within a distinct region, regardless of size.

❌ Excluded: Any paintwork that has been damaged or penetrated.


Fair Wear and Tear Policy- Simba Car Hire

Stone Chips

✅ Included: Stone chips to any panel that are up to 3 mm in diameter and is isolated.

❌ Excluded: More than 10 stone chips in a designated and isolated area.

✅ Included: Any scratches/scrapes underneath the front bumper that are not visible when located 3 metres from the vehicle.

✅ Included: Light scuffing/scratches where there is no paint infiltration and can be removed via polish.

✅ Included: Isolated stone chips up to 3 mm in diameter.

❌ Excluded: Any fragmented paint and several scratches of any size.

❌ Excluded: Dents that are 20 mm in length or greater in diameter.

❌ Excluded: More than 10 stone chips on the bumper, and any damage to the bumper.


✅ Included: Light scratches.

✅ Included: No more than 20 mm in length, and 2 mm in width.

✅ Included: No paint surface penetration and can be polished off.

❌ Excluded: Any scratches where the metal, plastic or undercoat is visible and exposed.


❌ Excluded: Any scratches, chippings, cracks, holes, or damages to the windscreen, windows, and external mirror lens as all such damage may impact its roadworthy status and can progressively worsen overtime.

Windscreen, Windows, Lamps, and External Mirrors

✅ Included: Removal of light marks via vacuum or general cleaning.

✅ Included: Removal of light scuffing/smears/regular day to day debris via general cleaning.

✅ Included: Insignificant cosmetic damage that does not impact the functionality of the keys, accessories, or equipment.

❌ Excluded: Loss/damage to keys and remotes.

❌ Excluded: Any permanent damage produced by abrasive/corrosive materials. Tears/cuts/scratches/holes/burns. Excessive soil/mud /sand/animal fur. Evidence of smoking within the vehicle. Stains/marks that cannot be eliminated via general cleaning.

❌ Excluded: Removal or damage to any given item supplied with the vehicle. (eg. Spare tyres, wheel trims, GPS unit, hazard triangles, first aid kits, tools.)

Upholstery, Floors, Carpets, Dashboard, Fascia, Trim Interior, Key Accessories & Vehicle Cleanliness

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